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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Update on the Three Rings office space

Here is an update on the Three Rings Design, INC office space that we are doing a design/ build for. It is coming along quite nicely, and we are in a major push right now, so expect more updates on impressive looking things soon!

We recently installed two large "screens" that separate out the Pool table/ Lounge area from the rest of the office. We made the screens to resemble "Portholes", as this entire office is based on The Nautilus. We designed the portholes, and then collaborated with the Three Rings artists to come up with some really fun scenes for the Portholes to be looking at.

three rings office

This screen is on the pool table side of the lounge area. On the other side of this screen sit the artists for the Puzzle Pirates game . Therefore through this Porthole you can see a sunken pirate ship, diving helmet in the foreground and a giant octopus coming to attack!

three rings office

Flanking the other side of the lounge we have another Porthole. On the opposite side of this porthole will eventually sit the artists for the game Bang!Howdy . Therefore this porthole sees an upside down sunken cowboy-robot-sheriff. He is accompanied by a horse shoe, some star fish, a bunch of sea plants and a giant sturgeon fish. Of course.

Here is a view from the lounge looking down the office space:

three rings office space

We are working next on the lighting. Some of the lighting stages will include gelling the florescents with blue/green gels - to give that underwater look- and creating custom covers for the florescents so they look more like the rest of the space.

We are also making these lights that we will be hanging from each arch down the space:

three rings light

They are made form an off the shelf IKEA light, then the custom Nautilus style encasing we designed to fit perfectly around it.


three rings office

It's coming along!



Jillian Northrup