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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

It's It.... Google style.

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We have a couple friends who work at Google, so we finally made it down for a visit. And yes. It's all true. It's a wonderful haven of geekey paradise. Or so it seems.......

No really. It does seem that way!

Google is always having talks and presentations given by all kinds of people, from authors to scientists. We saw "Dr. Megavolt" speak about all the ins and outs of special cameras that take photos in infa-red. It was cool. Then we ate in one of Google's *many* free cafeterias (and when i say cafeteria, i should really say, nice cafe- buffet style) where the food was too good to imagine the will power it would take to work there and not get morbidly fat. But then all the food was really quite healthy. Except for the ice cream.

AND..... speaking of Ice Cream, they have special "It's It" ice cream sandwiches that are made specially for Google! They have no trans-fat in them. And they say "Google" on the label. Of course. All in all, it seems like a really nice place to work. Friendly people, espresso bars every 50 feet, cool architecture, fun parties, breakfast, lunch and dinner served free in the cafes. And, a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. What else does a Geek need?


Watch out! It's going to eat your no-trans-fat-Google-Branded-It's It!!!!!

Jillian Northrup