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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Stunning 3D modeling with InDex by Digital ArtForms (you gotta see this)

What do you get when you combine the technology that the new Nintendo Wii uses with top-end modeling technology? You get one amazing (and expensive) looking modeler. You gotta see this thing in action:

So apparently you use a pair of these to model free form in an immersive environment. Looks spiffy, I just use a Wacom and Space Navigator, this looks way cooler. It also looks expensive. I love this kind of stuff, but mostly because in five or so years it will trickle down to mere mortals like me.

Bruce Goff, one of my all-time favorite Architects, mused in his lectures that one day computers would allow him to design a building, on-site, just by walking around with special gloves and glasses and sculpting it in-place. Love that Goff. Mind you, this was in the '50's I think that he was saying this. Ahead of his time that one. So it looks like if you combined InDex with a decent laptop...

Jeffrey McGrew