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Vegas, Day 5

We are still here in Vegas, on our last day, and frankly, it's about time! Jeffrey has given all of his three talks. And luckily only one of them was strewn with technical difficulties including, but not limited to, the light jazz that started playing from the hotel speakers halfway through his talk. That talk seemed to take all the bad luck, as his others went seamlessly, and he received praise from the attendees on all three of the presentations.

All of his talks were taped, so you can watch them by logging onto the AU Online site.

jeffrey mcgrew

We have been put up at The Venetian, with it's plush accomidations and amazingly friendly service. The interior design of this place is amazing.


This tower here has a long hallway flanked on either side with gas wall sconces. The center of this hallway is a reception area with an amazing ceiling and chandelier. There is so much security here, you have to have a room key to go anywhere in this hotel. Luckily, we did.


We've decided that is the ceilings and lighting fixtures that really hold the personality of a vegas casino- as eye level and below are typically filled with slot machines and a multicolored carpet to hide stains.


The Venetian has a pool that was still open while we were here, even though the temperature high was in the low 50's. I went swimming, and it was *WONDERFUL* as they keep the pool at a constant 85 degrees! And I had it all to myself, as more rational people than I figured it was too cold to be swimming.

They give you heated towels as you are on your way to the pool.


The other day I saw someone vacuuming this lawn. So today I took a closer look at it.

venetian grass

This is by far the nicest and softest, and most likely the most expensive astroturf you can find. I want some for my livingroom!


Even the exit signs are fancy at The Venetian.


Now onto our room... We had 35 people in here on Tuesday night. I'll say it again..... 35 people in our hotel room at one time, and it wasnt even tight! I think this room is larger than our space in Oakland.


The bathroom has it's own makeup table, as well as a separate bath tub, a shower with glass walls, two sinks, and a separate room for the toilet. I could live here. If only it weren't in Vegas!


Jillian Northrup