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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

BWC Western Tour Extraordinaire

We are currently in the middle of a 2 week long road trip that began with ThanksGiving dinner in Carson City, NV with the folks.

Currently in Las Vegas, where we are presenting at the Autodesk University Conference. And at the end of the week will will be heading to Los Angeles to meet up with some prospective clients.

On our way to Vegas we stopped at the base of Mt. Whitney, touring through little mountain towns that have not been updated since the 50's..... especially the signage.....

mt. whitney

mmmmmm...... signage....

Mt. Whitney is the highest mountain in the continental united states. So, of course we had to continue on through Death Valley, and see the lowest point too! Mt Whitney gets 14,000 ft and some chage in it's height, while Death Valley goes to 282 ft below sea level. It's EXTREME! Amazing that you can drive from one of these points to the other in one day.

you can see all the photos from our trip here 

death valley

I dont think that water is gonna last him all the way across the desert. Obviously that man is doomed.

We made it into Vegas Sunday night and had most of the next day to sight see as the first conference activity did not start until later that night.

So, like any good American would, we went to the Atomic Testing Museum.

atomic testing museum

They dont let you take pictures inside the museum, so you will need to go see this one for yourself. Filled with 1950's memorabilia, videos, posters of 1957 Miss Atomic Bomb , and facts. Lots of facts. Though nothing on what the testing in the Nevada desert did to the people working there, or the surrounding wildlife. I guess they forgot about that stuff. We bought a shot glass.

To keep with our 50's theme we went next to The Pinball Hall of Fame

pinball hall of fame

Run by Tim Arnold, this pinball-rific place is 5 rows deep of machine after machine. Most from them from the 50's to the 70's. A few modern ones. One that's all in Spanish. One that's Punk themed and plays new wave music at you. All wonderful.

pinball graphic

I got a little obsessed with the graphics on these old machines and took a ton of photos. You can see them all here.

That's all for now. I will post later on our plush accomodations at the Venetian and more on the Autodesk University Conference. 

Back to Vegas! 


Jillian Northrup