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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Three Rings Arches, Screens and Desks

The interior space we are building out for Three Rings is now Phase One complete. We have painted the walls and put up the first half of the arches, screens and window treatments, and completed the first round of desks. There are still a few more details to complete, like custom hanging lamps coming off each arch, and fancy Victorian CPU holders, but this section is mostly done.

Here are two design drawings we presented to Three Rings:

3Rings office space

And here is the same view of the finished arches:

photo from door

arches at three rings

View from the other direction:

Three rings office

We are using the Arches to define areas, and then adding in "screens" to separate work areas from 'hang out' areas.

Three Rings office

All of these pieces are designed in Revit and Illustrator , then brought into ArtCam where they are made into 'Part Files'.

Three Rings office

We use Revit because of it's phasing abilities, its ability to be parametric, and how easily it allows us to work in front of the client, changing and re-arranging designs in real time.

Three Rings office

After the designs are made into 'part files' we set up the parts to be cut by our ShopBot.The decorative pieces you see here were all cut out of a 3/4 inch Pine.

We helped the client choose colors for the walls, the arches and screens, and even had a big party where the employees at Three Rings put on painting clothes and helped paint!

On these large circles we are designing 3D carvings that will be carved by our Shopbot and painted gold, then mounted on the circle.

Three Rings office

We also made desks for the Artists that will be sitting here. The artists all sent us sketches in Illustrator files, based on a template that we designed and provided. We then fabricated and finished each custom desk for the artist that sketched it. It was a great collaborative process.

Three Rings desks

And a dramatic photo of the Cthulhu desk.....

cthulhu desk

Here is a drawing of our design for then completion of a single 'work pod'

Three Rings space


And finally, the same space in real life, in use by cowboys.

Now it has it's final desk placements, curtains and fancy furniture. Yee-Haw!

Three rings office space

Jillian Northrup