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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Three Rings Space- moving steadily ahead

We are in the middle of finishing the design, fabrication and install of a space for the company Three Rings . It is going quite well. The company is very creative and has a great group of people working there. We are working very close with their designers to come up with a magical space for their office expansion. They even are encouraging each employee to design their own desk! The space is being strongly influenced by 'The Nautilus' from '2000 Leagues under the Sea'. Everything is based on Victorian designs with an industrial and underwater sea creature heavy lean. We are really excited how this one is coming along, and can't wait to see it all up and painted. It's going to be really cool!

Here is the install of the first working pod:


There are 4 elements to this pod-workarea. There is the winow treatment to help the space look more like a submarine....... The Nautilus to be more specific:


Then there is a large 'screen' that separates the work station from the soon-to-be game room. The screen is made to look mechanical, these are the gears of The Nautilus.


Then, each area defined by the building's collums has an 'Arch' within it. There are two arches for every 'Pod' a large entry arch and a smaller, shorter division between pods, arch.

This is the 'entry arch'


The corner of the two arches meeting:


And a detail of the dividing arch:


Tridnet for the Nautilus!


And here is the first desk we have made. This one will be for the sea creature themed pod:

squid desk

side view:

squid desk

That's all for now. More will be posted as it is finished.

Jillian Northrup