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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

The Nautilus

We were hired recently to design out the new interior work space for a game design company. They are growing pretty steadily, and need to fill the space with desks, but they also want it to look really really cool, so they can attract good talent by promoting the cool group of artists they have working there. We have been working very closely with the artists there, and have even incorporated some of the artists ideas into the designs. This is great for us, as it brings out new ideas, and great for the artists who work there, as they can see their ideas come to life. The final design we have agreed upon is that of industrial Victorian, that tips it's hat to HG Wells' 2000 Leagues under the Sea. Here is a sketch of one of the work 'pods'...

work pod sketch

And a more finalized 3D model:

Nautilus 3D

We are just now begining instalation and creating the fianl designs of the desks. Here is a photo of the first arch going up in the space:

arch install

More to come soon!

Jillian Northrup