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Art Car Fest 2006

This last weekend was the 10th Anniversary of the Bay Area ArtCarFest - and it was a BLAST! Or at least, when I heard all about it, it really truly sounded like a good time. Great bands played at the San Jose Museum of Art to celebrate, like The Mermen and Meshugga Beach Party . Which were both awesome (or so i hear). And there were over 60 cars there, parked around the museum. This one is a crowd favorite (and one of mine) that comes all the way from Vancouver:


We did get to see Thursday night at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley, which was really so cool. It started at sundown and went long into the night. We ate and drank delicious Pyramid Brewery beer and strolled around the 30 or so ArtCars that were on display there. There were some really great cars there, and some from across the country! See photos from Pyramid Brewery's parking lot here.

This is one from a new-on-the-scene ArtCarArtist. He has done a ton with LEDs and neon and it is VERY cool:

don knapp

We spent the next day of the fest making these cool emblems for the Artists.

art car fest swag

We designed the teeshirts and patches too. We fabricated the aluminum emblems in our shop and handed them out on Sunday. It was a really cool project as everyone really liked them, and the artists usually dont get so much cool swag.

Art Car Fest is such a public event, it takes pedestrians and people in traffic by surprise every year. It is the only 4 day long art show that is continuously on display as it goes from venue to venue! Making the emblems was a really cool way to thank the artists for all the work they do over those four days. And they came out way cool!

One more car photo. But you can see all the photos if you click here


Jillian Northrup