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60's Space-y Bar Top!

We recently got the opportunity to design and cut a 3ft by 6ft by 1 inch piece of acrylic. Our client came to us with a very space-y fiberglass bar complete with a light inside that under lit the top. She wanted a top for it that would match with the theme of the bar and let the light through. We met with her, saw the crazy space-y bar and talked about ideas. We came up with using one inch think acrylic with a pattern carved in the underside reminiscent of 60's oil lamps. And, of course she loved that idea. Who wouldn't?! I mean really, it was really the only solution.......

Here is the design we created:
Now, being the first time that we have ever cut a piece of acrylic that thick, and that large- not to mention the price tag on the material....we were a little scared. But that has yet to stop us from doing anything. So we did some testing, designed the cutting paths, and set our Shopbot to work! It came out TOTALLY AWESOME... and now we want to cut acrylic all the time. heh.
So send us your jobs!

And the final product. Beautiful!
And.....with a cat.

photo and cat by Tryntje Rapalje aka Koduckgirl

Jillian Northrup