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My first shopbot

So, while we have had the shopbot ( CNC routing table ) for a while, I had yet to do an entire job on it by myself. Mostly it had been a collaborative effort with me and Jeffrey. Until Now!
Our neighbors were planting this little garden, and I decided they needed a little funky garden fence to go around it. So I used this as an excuse to make something - design to final fabrication - completely on my own.
I came up with a design that would use the most out of one small sheet of plywood. I drew it in Freehand and then exported it to the shopbot software ( Artcam).
Here is the final design concept- this is two fences nested into one cut:

Then in Artcam i made a duplicate so i would have a total of 4 fence pieces:

So, as you can see we now see design flaw #1. I didnt think about how they would nest together after making the duplicate, and because I didnt have much time to complete this, I quickly moved some lines around and then set up the Shopbot to start cutting.

That is when I realized my MAJOR design flaw. When I nested the two together in the original design I failed to think of how the machine is going to interpret the lines. I took 2 separate line drawings and put them together - not deleting one of the line paths. So, now the machine thinks there are 2 lines there, when my intent was to save time and space by making one.

So I watched as the Shopbot dolefully cut out both images....twice. It came out alright in the end. Though the lesson here is that if you really want to understand something, you need to do it. Every part.

Final garden fence:

Jillian Northrup