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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

LA LA Land is LA LA Licious

We go to LA from time to time for various reasons. We went a few weeks ago because of business, and made the most of it by seeing a few of the things that inspire us the most.
If L.A. were smaller, not so smoggy, and you didnt have to drive so much, we might just move there.
A few of the things we saw, that inspire us to do more........

A still in operation AND celebrating the fact that they are in a Googie building- PANN'S is *the* best place to have breakfast. All red leather booths inside,  swoopy tables, rock walls 50's light fixtures and delicious food. Hard to ask for more.

The EAMES House. They dont let you in and they dont let you take photos of the inside. But it is still really cool to see. The Eames are inspiring in the breath of work that they did, the boundaries of technology they pushed, and the happiness they shared with eachother.

The Gettty. Or actually, the gardens of the Getty done by Robert Irwin, are absolutely perfect. Every plant looks as happy as can be, and is in the PERFECT spot. It is groomed, trimmed and segregated into color patterns a modern painter would use. It's great.

Mr. Jalopy lives in L.A. in the small district of *Hoopyville*
It's a fantastic place filled with many, many things. We have great hopes for this province and offer our assistance in any time of need.
Here Mr. Jalopy shows off the honored color of the Hoopyville flag.......

Los Angeles museum of Art, also known as LACMA, houses a building designed by architect Bruce Goff.  It is "The Japanese pavilion" and displays only Japanese silk screens. The art is very pretty, but the building is beautiful.


Jillian Northrup