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Goings on at the Because We Cannery


Day one at the MAKER Faire and we had a blast!
It was really exhausting, but only because there was so much great feedback and so many people interested in what we were doing. Our voices are horse from talking so much and yelling over the sound of our router.
We are using a CNC routing table from Shopbot to design and make all kinds of things.
Our neighbor exhibitors have been very patient and understanding to us, considering how much noise we make when demoing the Shopbot. No one has told us (yet)  that we are making too much noise- though we definitely do make too much noise! Oh well.  Our closest neighbor is Mr. Jalopy- which we are very happy about. Toast is actually an avid reader of Mr. Jalopy's blog, and we love his style. Yesterday we made him a sign in order to appease him over all the noise we are making during the show for his "WORLDS BIGGEST IPOD" - which is an ipod controller hardwired into a beautiful old 40's record player, complete with a flat screen and a MacMinni hidden beneath. Brilliant! So much to see at the show. Hopefully we will get to see more today (sunday) and take a break from our own booth.


Jillian Northrup