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Wow, look at the big brains at Apple...

So it's official, there's a project from Apple that will be in OS X 10.5 that will allow full dual-booting of Windows XP and OS X on the same Intel-based Mac: Boot Camp Project announcement

This is great news for me, for other than Revit and the CNC control/toolpathing software, everything else I do could be done better on a unix-based system. I dual boot now between Ubuntu Linux and Windows, but would much rather dual boot between OS X and XP. As much as I like Ubuntu, we use a lot of Mac software here, and I'd much rather spend money on Mac software. OS X is kinda the best of both worlds for me: a decent UI over a nice real unix terminal that can also run modern commercial software like Photoshop and Quickbooks.

With Windows Vista slipping more and more, and having less and less to offer me, I'd love to dump Windows altogether. There is simply nothing about it I've heard yet that sounds like it will help me and my business. And certainly nothing about it that will help my 3D work run faster, if anything, it will take more resources to just run Vista alone than XP does. Already I can run what 3D I use (Blender) faster under Linux or OS X than on Windows. If it wasn't for Revit, I'd just buy a used Dell off of craig's list for the CNC (which I'm thinking of anyways, just to have a cheap 'shop' computer that I don't have to worry about ruining with the ever-present dust) and use a different BIM package, and dump Windows. Too bad Archicad is no replacement for Revit, and doesn't look like it ever will be, and nothing better than Revit looks to be coming along anytime soon for any platform.

Anyways, now I can have my cake and eat it too, I can buy a Mac for my next computer, boot into XP just for Revit, and not have to buy Vista at all (until Autodesk requires it for Revit, which, seeing how in bed they are with Microsoft will probably come down the line at some point).

Jeffrey McGrew