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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Gensler didn't swallow me...

...I've just been really busy. Getting up to speed with Gensler is a lot of work, but I'm also doing this online class thing for AUGI, and we (Jillian and I) might have gotten our first 'real' client to design and make some stuff for, so sorry for the big ol' lapse there. Anyways. More big news soon, but for now, a simple, stupid moment for y'all:

Today, when talking with some folks here about how some firms use Revit (like how HOK or SOM is doing stuff with it), out of habit I said "at some larger firms..."

And someone stopped me, and asked "like which 'larger' firms?"

That's when I remembered that I now work at THE largest firm. Right. Yeah.

Jeffrey McGrew