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Art Car Caravan to Douglas- Last day

Day 6

Today was a day for exploring Douglas. This town was huge in the mining days, from the 2o's to the 50's, and the reminates of urban entertainment are everywhere. There is a theater that fits 1500 people, now in major disrepair with a missing roof, a handful of huge hotels, and a long main street with shops all the way down.
We were able to see the inside of one of the hotels that is now a private residence. Everything was from the 30's and in pristine shape. We also went to see a friend of a friend's house further out in the desert that is made to look like it's built into a rock.
Then we walked to Mexico for diner. Mexico is about 5 blocks from Art Car World.
Back at Art Car World we painted Shalom and Marilyn's car and watched Harrod play with his rooster.
Tomorrow I leave with Philo and Joanne. We're gonna check out some caverns with stalagmites or stalactites or whatever.........
Then we are back in the Bay Area on Saturday.
I think this will be my last post for the Art Car caravan trip.
Thanx for comin along for the ride!

Harrod and the cock
Harrod Blank and his.... um.... rooster at Art Car World
Gretchen at the rock house
Gretchen at the Rock house
The Grand theater, Douglas, AZ
The Grand Theater, Douglas, AZ

Jillian Northrup