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Art Car Caravan to Douglas- Day 3 of 6

Day 3

Last night we slept in a Motel that had free wi-fi. Woo! But the nights of plush accomodations have ended as we push on into the desert. Tonight we will camp at the famous Salvation Mountain, and awake to see its glory.
This morning we moseyed down to Cabazon to visit the ever-popular Cabazon Dinosaurs. Now owned by a group of creationists - the gift shop inside of the brontosaurus is plastered with creationist propaganda. At least one can take comfort in the fact that people don't read, and are just in the gift shop to buy plastic lizards. I know that's why I'm there.
After Cabazon we headed off to Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Desert Museum, which is the property that Purifoy lived on and created a large assemblage sculpture garden. He had been working on it since 1989 when he moved to the desert from L.A. He passed on in 2003. It is currently classified as a 501c3 nonprofit.  I had never been there before, and it is fantastic. Completely out of the way to anything else you might want to go to, and well worth it. I took lots of photos there as you will see......
    Finally our plan to go to Bombay Beach to check out the Salton Sea has been squelched by darkness. There is not much moonlight tonight so we wouldn't be able to see much after dark anyway.
So tonight we are hanging around the campfire with Leonard, the creator of Salvation Mountain. We sing songs, eat, drink, and in the end burn the polar bear that had been the roof ornament of Global Warning (a rental, her "real" art car is in Minnesota). And tonight I have chosen to experience the night, instead of photograph it. Sometimes you can do both, sometimes just one.

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Vain Van Mirror
Mirror on Artist Emily Duffy's VainVan

Purfoy's Sculpture
Noah Purifoy's Sculpture

Jillian Northrup