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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Art Car Caravan to Douglas- Day 1 of 6


Who's on the trip?......

Philo & JoAnne & Jillian Northrup in "Daisy Singer"
Emily & Ken Duffy in the "Vain Van"
Marilyn Dreampeace in "Come Play With Me"
Shalom Compost in a wonderful-but-not-arted-yet Prius
Bob & Joy Castenada (Radio Flyer) in a plain white van
Jan Elftmann on a unicycle made entirely of corks
Kelly Lyles in a fur lined chariot of gold
Henry Van Horik and Andrea Dose  in "Devolution"

We left from San Jose around 11AM.  Only an hour later than our designated
departure time, which I think is a record to date! Six cars are starting off our caravan
that will go all the way to Douglas AZ by Thursday, Feb 23rd. We are going to
see property that has been purchased by Harrod Blank (Bay Area ArtCarFest
 Organizer) and that will possibly be used as a sort of Art Car Haven/ Museum/
Sanctuary. A few Art Cars that are no longer in operation, or who are destined for
the museum life are being brought to Douglas to take up permanent residence.
This is very exciting as attempts have been made to create a No-longer-oporational
art car museum in the past, but none have lasted long. The land in Douglas has
people in the art car community really excited. The land is cheap enough that many
people are thinking of buying more land out there to create a full on Art Car Artist
retreat. Sounds good to me!

For the rest of the day we drove to Ventura, CA with a short stop at The Madona Inn (long enough to have the girls sneak into the men's bathroom and pee in the rock waterfall pee troff). Then back on the road for a food stop at ANDERSONS, home of the famous split pee soup. Im told the one we went to is the 'original'. Let me tell you that didn't make the food taste any better. And yes, I got the pee soup. ek. There were some great old googie signs around there though, and because of all the rain we saw a couple rainbows.

Now, as I post this, I am on a futon in a friend of a friend's house as the rain scared us away from out planned camping this night. Hopefully we will get far enough South tomorrow that there will be no more rain..... and warmer would be nice too. Not that I notice sitting in the back of Philo's modern heated Element. Unlike Henry and Andrea (driving Discordia) who have no heat! Apparently heat was an "option", and their car has no options. burrrr! Wouldn't really be an "option" for me.

photos! :

Daisy Singer
Kelly Lyles at the Madona Inn

Jillian Northrup