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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

The Red Party

Last night we had the first of a series of color themed cocktail parties. The first color was RED. Everyone brought red food, red drinks and dressed all in red. Some dressed to the nines and some more casual, but it was all RED, RED, RED- and it was fantastic! I had my photo studio set up and used the party as an opportunity to test out taking photos of people, something I had not used it for yet. Everyone had to have their photo taken as they came in the door. And, as every one looked absolutely fantastic dressed all in red, it was pretty easy to get good photos.
Only one person (my own Uncle!) defied the rules as dressed all in blue with a sign on his back that read: misinformed. That bastard. I was actually surprised to see that he was the only one to come up with a way to NOT to dress in red. I expect as the parties move on to more difficult colors there will be more of that.
We are planning on having one of these color themed parties every month, or so. This one was so much fun that we are definitely going to have a few more. What shall the next color be though?? Some people suggested green, or yellow..... Toast and i were talking about maybe doing GOLD. We shall see......
Check out the photos from the party! Click on the images below to see the whole set. I didn't take any out of the studio- i will make sure to do that next time. Let me know what color we should do next!
john and trixie in Red
Toast, Philo and Jillian

Jillian Northrup