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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Photos for Philo

My uncle, Philo is an amazing artist specializing in assemblage art and Art Cars. He is currently on his 5th Art Car- which to my knowledge puts him in a very small elite class of artists. The only other Artist I know of that has made that many ArtCars would be David Best. The big difference with Philo is that he uses his cars as daily drivers- taking his art with him everywhere. He does not have a "regular car". His Art Car is his car. And it is beautiful!
Philo also does assemblage art and has recently completed some amazing work. I went to his house this weekend to take photos of his most recent pieces.
There are photos of another assemblage artists work in this post too. Jack Devore is a good friend of Philo  and considers him a kind of mentor. Jack is an original old beatnik and has the uncanny ability to make master work by gluing two pieces of trash together. How does he do it?
I dont know how he does it- but obviously he told Philo the secret.
Below is a piece by Philo (i dont have the work's title) check out a small taste of Philo and Jack's work by clicking on the photo below......philo northrup art
Philo in Daisy Singer

Jillian Northrup