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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Playing with my new lights

So i finally got the chance today to play with my lights for a bit. I put a list together of objects ranging from human sized to tiny tiny sized things to photograph. I am very happy with my new strobes, though i still really like using hot lights for some things. Hotlights feel to me like painting or drawing, where strobes feel more like designing.You have to put some more for thought into the strobes, but you can do some really cool stuff in the end.
Oh- and i FINALLY took some nice photos of some Because We Can products, like lapdesks and a magazine/portfolio holder. I can't wait till next friday when i get to take photos of all people in RED at our Red Party!!
Till then, here are some photos of what i did today. Click on one to see the rest in Flicker.

Jillian Northrup