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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Halfway there...

Shopbot Halfway there
Fisheye photo of the shopbot mounted on the table... halfway there!

Wooo... to busy to post much (as my two readers have noticed), but as you can see we re-did the shop, built a table, and put the shopbot on the table, but not mounted the Z-axis, the motors, or wired it up yet. And the table is too tall, so we gotta chop it down a bit... We've decided to name it Frank. We're very proud. We'll be even more proud when it actually, you know, does stuff. Boy is it bigger than I thought! I thought a 4' x 8' cutting area meant that the machine wouldn't be that much bigger than that, but oh boy, I didn't know that it adds 6" to the cutting area in each direction so that non-plunge-able cutting bits can start outside the material and cut in, and, well, due to other things the 4' x 8' table has turned into a monster 5'6" x 10' table... woo...

Jeffrey McGrew