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The Best Thing Ever.

From it's wonderful royal purple/blue color to the cartoons in it's instruction manual to what it represents, I do believe that this here thing is the best thing I've ever been lucky enough to own.
The Shopbot made a sudden unexpected appearance today. And after a panic-stricken last-minute cleaning of the shop, and the truck driver being nice enough to help me break open the crate (nice crate too!) and unload the parts, I now have all the parts sitting on the floor to make my very own Robot, and man, I couldn't be more excited.
Cudos to the Shopbot folks. Everything's clearly labeled, the three-ring binder it came with is very well done, it was even shipped well. Should have called/e-mailed me first, so I knew it was on the way, so I could have been ready for it... well.. actually, I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep... so maybe it's for the best that it arrived suddenly.
When Jillian gets home, we'll take some pictures, and when we start to put the thing together we'll post that too. But for now, back to work, and I've got to cleaning to do to make room for it. Sorry for my posts being spaced so far apart, busy wrapping things up at the current gig and all that. Much more to come in October!

Jeffrey McGrew