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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Shopbot Acquired. Bonus x1000.

Hooray! We are the proud soon-to-be-owners of a PRT96 Shopbot!
A 'Shopbot' is a entry-grade CNC routing table, 4' x 8' x 6". It Cuts Things. Anything non-ferris, more or less.
It's got a great company and a great group of users behind it. We were able to score a cheap-but-new 'PRT' model vs. the newer, faster, better and more expensive 'PRTalpha' due to a special deal they have right now, due to having lots of left-over PRT motors left over from folks upgrading to the PRTalpha motors instead. So ours will be slower and less accurate, but since we're not a production shop (yet) I don't think it's an issue, and if it becomes one we can always upgrade later too. All told, we're under $7K, which is about half the cost of a new 'normal' CNC table out there...
This is a very exciting day, something we've been working towards for a long time now. Honestly, ever since I was a little kid, I've always thought of just having a Robot that would Make Stuff based upon what I drew, and, when older, and using 3D software (and later Revit) just wished that I could just go from the model directly to fabrication, instead of all the tedious documentation and inaccurate power tools...
We've got big plans for this machine. Furniture, Products, and someday maybe whole Buildings. From computer model to real-world model, baby! woot!
I knew that my becoming a big ol' Revit dork would pay off someday...
So... once we figure out how to make the Shopbot make another Shopbot, we'll TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Ahahaha!

Jeffrey McGrew